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RSP Pricing - $149 (£118.80 inc VAT in EU) plus shipping


The RSP covers the radio spectrum from 100kHz (Long Wave) to 2GHz (Microwaves) with a massive 8MHz bandwidth.


RSP Pricing - $149 (£118.80 inc VAT in EU) plus shipping


The included API is supported on a number of platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, Mac and Raspberry Pi. A test tool for Windows is also included.


Works with popular SDR software like HDSDR and SDR-Console

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What is the RSP?

The RSP (Radio Spectrum Processor) from SDRplay is a Software Defined Radio which can turn a PC into a general coverage receiver spanning Long Wave (100KHz) through to Microwaves (2GHz)

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Additional benefits of the RSP

With 12 bit A/D conversion and very sharp 5th order Chebyshev filters, the RSP allows you to process a massive chunk of 8MHz of radio spectrum all in one go. Great NF, Great sensitivity and perfect for all the popular SDR software packages.

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Technical Specifications

Frequency range:
Total coverage from 0.1MHz to 2GHz
ADC performance: 12 bit native ADC
Sample Freq: 2MSPS – 10.66MSPS
10.4 ENOB
60dB SNR

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Getting Started & Support

We have implemented a new interactive 'Start Here' system designed to help you through the software process and will help you with issues and link you to support if needed. As well as the active community forum here on our website there is a very enthusiastic and quick-to-help online user support group on - these are real users who love to share the amazing things they can do with the RSP. All this is backed up by our own engineers who can provide direct support if needed.

US Distributor Appointed

We are very pleased to announce that we have appointed Ham Radio Outlet as our exclusive distributor for our customers in the USA where they can benefit from preferential shipping times compared with ordering from the UK.

Finding what you need

We have reorganised our website to make it easier to find what you need in the way of downloads, documentation, software and links to useful 3rd parties. For all of this go to Platforms and select the Operating system relevant to you.