Can't get GNUradio (Win64 Binary) to recognize sdrplay

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Can't get GNUradio (Win64 Binary) to recognize sdrplay

Post by ronkpa » Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:21 am

I got my RSP2 to work on Windows 10 using SDRuno okay. But I would like to use it with GNURadio. I downloaded the GNURadio Win64 3.7.11 binary and got it running with a simple block diagram to play various audio tones. But I cannot get either GNURadio radio source to find the RSP2. Neither the osmocon source nor the rtl-sdr source recognize "sdrplay". It gives me error:

gr-osmosdr ae686c46 (0.1.5git) gnuradio 3.7.11
built-in source types: file osmosdr fcd rtl rtl_tcp uhd hackrf bladerf airspy redpitaya
FATAL: No supported devices found to pick from.

Is there any way to add support to my Windows version of GNURadio for sdrplay? I have not found any help or reference to build the whole GNURadio on Windows 10 from scratch (I use VS2015 and several older versions).

Thanks for your help.
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