New user on Linux - challenging but fun ;-)

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New user on Linux - challenging but fun ;-)

Post by g0foz » Sat Oct 17, 2015 1:55 pm

After a spur of the moment purchase this device turned up super-fast. I do have not windows machines in this house apart from virtuals running under Quem/kvm so I thought I would try Linux (Ubuntu 15.04) first.

The drivers installed OK and inserting a USB lead followed by dmesg showed the device connected.

So far so good.....

As I already had gnuradio / gqrx / gr_osmosdr installed I thought I would give is a quick blast - nothing. Obviously as the gr_osmosdr has not been compiled for the non-free sdrplay module.

A bit of a hastle but you must purge all evidence of the old packaged versions and so I rebuilt gnuradio, gr_osmosdr, gqrx from git source. There was one other dependency not included in gnuradio and also had to ensure git clone was "recursive" to pick up VOLK.
An attempt to build SDR~ on mono (done this before) and SDR-J was aborted.

After all that, the permissions (despite the udev rules) on the USB are not quite right so a sledgehammer of "chmod -R 777 /dev/bus/usb/*" was used to crack that nut temporarily.

Gqrx was a bit temperamental and I started wondering if the device worked at all so, as I had gone to the trouble of installing gnu-radio, I thought I would spin up my own radio. The attached shows the first hack which nicely tunes the FM broadcast band and confirms the device works.

Trying SDR# with ExtIO and plugin on Windows8.1 virtual didn't seem to get anywhere so that is on the backburner.

Learnt quite a bit this afternoon - mainly not about radio :-)


Si ( G0FOZ )
GNU radio companion screen shot
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