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Post by Scannerz » Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:47 am

Had my SDRPlay a week and quite impressed so far. Was having problems with SDR-Console changing Freq-Bands.

Downloaded the latest version this morning "SDR-RADIO-Pro_v2.3b2274" and it seems to be a vast improvement.
Can change bands easily now...e.g 9.7mhz NewZealand radio to UHF without having to stop and restart.
Very pleased with this very latest update for console....many thanks....Time for a donation I think.

Can live with the SDRPlays poor performance on the 250 to 280mhz Milsat band,(Unless there is something I missed)
I`ll just stick with the RTL dongle with filters/Preamp/yagi for that one.
HF works well as does VHF/Upper UHF. Really enjoy the good quality selectivity/sensitivity from the SDRPlay.
Overall this is a VGood buy for the price, Looking forward to ADSB when its done.
thanks Tony.
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