SDRplay at VLF Freqs

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SDRplay at VLF Freqs

Post by mwtp » Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:51 pm

Hi all,

Well` have had this SDR receiver for about 5-6 weeks I am very impressed with performance. I also own a Perseus
and SDRplay comes very close. The front end filtering could be better for HF,MW and LW etc. I have a old Palomar Pre-selector and works wonders with SDRplay but unfortunately does not do MW and below.
Sensitivity is quite acceptable at VLF, can hear some RTTY stations around 25 khz on my old trusty ALA1530
This morning I tried to listen to SAQ 17.2 khz but suffered a BC station image on 18 khz aarrhh. I recon using a proper LPF or Pre-select around this frequency I may be able to pick it up in UK.
I also use SDRplay for VHF/UHF work, something the Perseus cannot do and works great up here as well, can pick up local beacons on 1.2 Ghz (23cm).
So what can i say, SDRplay for the money is outstanding and can only get better. FYI I mostly use Studio1 for listening.

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Re: SDRplay at VLF Freqs

Post by DL2ZBK » Tue Oct 27, 2015 10:08 pm

i got best results with 0.2 MSPS sampling rate and manually adjusted gain. As soon as the preamplifier is switched on, you have some ghost signals. Tune to a known good signal and play with all the parameters. I usually use the russian Alpha RSDN20 signals for testing.

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