Paired it with my IC-7610 and WOW!!!

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Paired it with my IC-7610 and WOW!!!

Post by jon » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:34 am

Bob, KW4CQ just posted this review of the RSPduo over on eHam reviews

I recently added the RSPduo and SDRuno to my arsenal of DX chasing tools and I'm so glad I did. The spectrum analyzer and waterfall display aided me in no small way in finding an opening in the recebt KH1/KH7Z DXpedition pileup on 40m cw. I paired the RSPduo with my Icom IC-7610 sharing a common antenna using the Icom's RX/IN and RX/OUT ports. I used a Mini Circuits ZSC-2-2+ Power Splitter to make the connection between the Icom and the antenna. For added front end RF protection to the front end of the RSPduo I placed an Array Solutions RF Limiter/Arrestor, Model AS-RXFEP in line with the Icom RX/OUT and the RSPduo antenna input. Full tech specs on these relatively low cost devices are available on the manufacturer's web sites. My display is a 27" Samsung monitor, which gives me a fantastic view of SDRuno's controls, frequency spectrum bandspread, and waterfall. A pair of Bose sound powered PC connected speakers produces some awesome listening pleasure on SSB signals from the RSPduo. I can conveniently operate transmitting on the IC-7610 while listening and spectrum monitoring on the RSPduo, or on the 7610 alone.
Try it you'll like it.

73, Bob...KW4CQ

eHam reviews can be found on: (scroll down to choose the radio of interest)

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Re: Paired it with my IC-7610 and WOW!!!

Post by perlguy9 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:22 pm


Very cool. My RSPduo just showed up, and it seems to be a pretty impressive receiver. I also just received my splitter from Mini Circuits.

My question is.. is the Array Solutions limiter really necessary or does the 7610 provide enough isolation on the RX IN/OUT loop to protect the RSPduo?

Thanks & 73 de KM8V
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