SDRuno NB settings?

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SDRuno NB settings?

Post by ColoradoJay » Thu May 24, 2018 8:05 pm

Hi all,

I have an RSP2pro which works great with SDRuno for making many slices. What it doesn't do so great, or at all, is remove line noise. It doesn't even take out the easy ones. I have four different models of Yaesu rigs that have NBs I rate from good to bad. They all take out the easy line noise problems (very coarse sounding). Maybe I need to find some adjustment I don't know about. Went back to another SDR program that is great on line noise but doesn't do slices.

thanks, Jay
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Re: SDRuno NB settings?

Post by NoelC » Sat May 26, 2018 2:07 am

I've found the SDRUno Noise Blanker can work - sometimes quite well indeed...

For example, we have a washing machine with a motor controller that really lights up the airwaves with RFI that's so nasty sounding I just can't stand to listen to anything when it's on, and it crosses the shortwave band! It seems very complex, yet somehow SDRUno figures its pattern out and blanks it out - almost unbelievably well.

In another case, we have line noise - a nasty 60 Hz "spark gap" sounding buzz that just permeates the frequencies from 2450 to about 2850 kHz (I suspect an electrostatic air cleaner) - and the NBW (Noise Blanking, Wide) feature takes it out completely. With NBW engaged the buzz is just gone.


In other cases - some like what you describe - I imagine the noise ought to be easy to take out, yet NBW just won't do much with it.

I suspect there must be some pretty specific parameters for the algorithm that we just don't have control over. The feature may need an entire panel of controls.

I've found that the trick to getting the most out of NBW is to lower the NB setting in the EX CONTROL panel to the point where the noise is masked as well as possible, yet not so low that nearby strong signals start to intrude into the listening experience. I find a good general point for the NB control to be around around 160.

I'd still love to know when and how the NBN feature can work. So far I can't make THAT one produce any results whatsoever. I have another thread started here with zero answers.


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