V 1.3 ...W10 .. Recording With a Schedule

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V 1.3 ...W10 .. Recording With a Schedule

Post by VE9DAN » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:03 pm

Love V 1.3 ... haven't tried the 2 monitor thing yet. Even though I have them. I tend to use second monitor for other things.

But, here is an issue we all have to tolerate. When we record, we are obligated to record the entire spectrum. For an hour long program, that simply means many GB's consumed unnecessarily.

My request is this for the next Feature Release ... provide the option to choose Spectrum or Audio Only ... similar to how we can now choose Range and Memory Banks.

If this gets implemented, then I will then lose even more sleep because of you guys.
Dan's loss of sleep means success for the Company. If Company cannot accept blame, then blame Mike Ladd. I would be okay with that.
VE9DAN who is sick of winter.

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Re: V 1.3 ...W10 .. Recording With a Schedule

Post by JJ_in_TN » Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:22 am

As a work around if you are running Windows, I suggest you install Audacity and try turning on audio activated recording. When your scheduled receive starts it should kick in and record, but I have not verified this.

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