Main SP tuning issue or by design?

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Main SP tuning issue or by design?

Postby AA7FY » Wed May 01, 2019 1:39 pm

I’m running SDRuno with Omni rig to a Kenwood transceiver. I feed the SDR by a Y connector at the radios external receiver out. In this configuration I can click on a signal in the Main SP and the radio tunes to the signal (I toggle the RSYN1 radial button to emulate a dual receiver; then re-toggle and the radio re tunes) very cool. But but but, here is my quandary; if I change the SDR to the 8.83Mhz IF and enable the IF frequenting in main window sett ORIG and enable it works almost the same except the software will not tune the radio with a mouse click in the Main SP window as it did in my upper set up. Radio tunes by keying in the freq or by tuning the radio, but not the nice jump I got prior set up. Thoughts? I have no problem using the receiver option, just like the IF hook up.
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