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Modified ExtIO for SDRUno/HDSDR with Direct Sampling Mode

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 7:42 am
by elizya59
Hi guys, I just wrote custom ExtIO driver for RTLSDR dongle, may be it will be interested for someone.
It has integrated DC remove filter and allows to setup any possible sample rate.
This ExtIO works through librtlsdr.dll from OSMOCOM (librtlsdr.dll should be renamed to rtlsdr.dll).

I wrote it because existing ExtIO_RTLSDR for some reason doesn't works in Direct Sampling mode with SDRUno. So, there is no way to receive MF and HF stations (0-14 MHz) with SDRUno and RTLSDR. This ExtIO works ok in such mode. Also I added DC remove filter, because it is missing from SDRUno.ExtIO, you can enable/disable it from ExtIO settings window.