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Digital modes within SDRUno?

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:24 pm
by mike0agner
This is probably a pie-in-the-sky thought, but what the hey - it would be nice to have some plug ins that can do digital decoding. Certainly use the various ham modes such as PSK31, Olivia, FT4 and 8, etc. as well as some of the non ham modes such as SITOR-B/NAVTEX, HFDL (with the ability to read the pchfdl.txt file so you can see the sites correctly when they're reported), FAX, ALE (MIL-STD-188-141A/B) and GMDSS/DSC.

Technically from the perspective of understanding the protocols, they're all well defined, particularly in the ham community. I think you can even squeeze a few bucks out for each plug in

It would help eliminate the hassles of trying to figure out how to get SDRUno to talk to some of these other decoders such as PC-ALE and PC-HFDL, for sure.


Re: Digital modes within SDRUno?

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:11 am
With most digital modes it is pretty easy to get audio into companion software, VB Cable for Windows is one.
I think due to their being so many well established digital mode decoder software packages available it would probably not be a viable thing payment wise. Especially when you consider you can download and use the likes of Fldigi and Multi-PSK free.

As for PC-HFDL, never had any success with that at all myself.
This morning around 3-4am I did hear a digital signal on 8927 which was very strong, looking at the lists I took a guess it was coming from Guam, the other on the same freq is San Francisco. Checked it again around 7am'sih and it was still there burbling away but a lot less signal wise.

I don't know if it was HFDL I was listening to or not, a recording of it can be found here: ... NfazBNqyJP

Re: Digital modes within SDRUno?

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:05 pm
by mike0agner
The concept of a plug in is not new; SDR # uses it (in fact, they have an ADS-B plugin).

Even a DDE type link to interface directly to MultiPSK would be better. As an example, I strongly suspect Win4IcomSuite does this with DM780.

So there are ways to do it without having to use something like VB Cable

Oh well, it was a pie in the sky suggestion anyway (heh)....Mike