Xiegu X5105 as panadapter

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Xiegu X5105 as panadapter

Post by MM6IXE » Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:23 pm

Quite simply I haven’t got a clue, been at this for a few hours now
Never used a sdr receiver with a transmitter before

I have x5105 connected to my antenna and IF out to tuner 1 on duo
I have locked the LO to 70.455.000.

I also have my cat cable connected to x5, and have selected CAT in txt panel and changed to my comment port for rig control, but I have errors and no connect

1- how do I know if my IF out is functioning correctly and

2 how do I get “if possible” sdr uno to control my rig and my rig to control sdr uno

Many thanx

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Re: Xiegu X5105 as panadapter

Post by mikeladd » Mon Aug 26, 2019 2:53 pm

SDRuno has a known issue with rigs feed into the RSP via IF, so click tuning is disable until its fixed

First make sure that the IF out is enabled in the X5105 system menu #7 (depending on your firmware)

Set the IF input frequency in SDRuno to 70.455.000 (this must me in Hz) and enable the offset.

I would recommend bypass using rig control for now and just keep SDRuno's TUNE and LO frequency parked on the IF OUT frequency of 70.455.00.
Use the X5105s VFO knob to go up and down the band

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