Listen to meteors, the moon and satellites

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Listen to meteors, the moon and satellites

Post by DF1KZ » Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:08 pm

The RSP2 is a very sensitive VHF-receiver. Using the signals of the GRAVES RADAR near Dijon (France) on 143.050 (CW BW=750 or more) you can easily receive the echoes from meteors or even the moon.
I live about 450km away from the radar station and receive the signals with the RSP2 (GR:38dB, MW/FM-Filter:on) and a Discone antenna.
In the picture you can see two meteors (18:43:45 and 18:44:04) and the echoes of planes. The echoes of satellites tend to start a few 100Hz away from the mid-frequency (700Hz), echoes from the moon may be 300Hz away but I didn't see them yet.

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SDRplay (RSP1, RSP1A, RSP2pro) with:
RFsystems DX-10 (14kHz to 50MHz), resistive splitter 1/4, 1:16 transformer on Hi-Z of RSP2
ICOM Discone AH-8000 (10MHz to 2GHz)
12m above ground

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