Use of Left and Right Channels?

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Use of Left and Right Channels?

Post by NoelC » Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:44 am

It seems like there ought to be more capability to use left and right channels to do something more than just play the exact same audio to both ears. It's especially apparent if you use earbuds or headphones.

Don't get me wrong - I get full Stereo with SWFM broadcasts from SDRuno. The separation and quality are beautiful at 192K.

But switch to any of the other modes and.... Pure mono. The station and static are all centered in my head.

Has anyone experimented, for example, with LSB on the left ear and USB on the right? Or balancing the L/R channels per the power detected, so that a signal tuned below center frequency will seem like it's off to the left? Or maybe spread the frequencies across the left-right separation to make it easier to concentrate on a particular CW signal?

I see stuff in the panel about I / Q being mapped to left and right channels but to be completely honest based on what I hear I can't sense anything at all different coming out from the channels. What's up with that?


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Re: Use of Left and Right Channels?

Post by DK7OB » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:18 am

When I am trying to work a split DX station, I have the RSP1A tuned to the DX transmit frequency on the left ear and the TS590SG on the right ear, so I hear the DX and observe the pile up at the same time. If the DX listening pattern is at least a bit deterministic, I can guess where the DX is listening next and transmit on that frequency. That increased my DX success rate quite a bit.

This is done completely analog with a little switch box I built.

I was wondering about that pseudo stereo for CW too and want to test it, but I could not find a SW that does it. OTOH, I usually run 600 Hz bandwidth in CW, and most of the time I hear only one signal anyway, and if not, I can narrow the BW even more.

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