VFO skips

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VFO skips

Post by CoachCarp » Tue May 01, 2018 6:15 pm

Hello everyone,

Just curious if anyone has experienced the VFO skipping on a Kenwood 590sg while connected to a SDR? Here is my setup.

Kenwood TS-590sg
SDRplay RS1A
iMac using CubicSDR

I've noticed that when my TS-590sg is connected to the computer, the VFO tuning isn't right. When physically turning the VFO knob (the knob is fine) on the Kenwood TS-590sg, the VFO isn't smooth and skips/hesitates. I can see this on the 590sg radio display. The knob/VFO is smooth and normal when disconnected from the SDR. This doesn't occur when connected to the computer through the COM port either, just seems like usb. I have the baud rate set at 57600. This issue has been hard to track down because it could be an issue with SDR play, the silicon valley labs driver, or a CubicSDR issue. I just don't know.

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Re: VFO skips

Post by DK7OB » Wed May 02, 2018 6:13 am

I have the same hardware setup (TS590SG connected to PC via USB, RSP1A), but different software (Linux, gqrx and home made connection software) and I do not see this problem.

Do you synchronize the TS590SG to RSP? I had a similar problem when I was writing the "connector" between gqrx and TS590SG and the synchronization logic was wrong: When I moved the TS590 VFO, the software noticed the frequency change and set the RSP1 frequency accordingly, but then wrongly noticed the frequency change on the RSP and wanted to set the TS590, which disturbed the TS590 VFO tuning.

But that would not explain that it's working with the COM port.

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