Galvanic Antenna Isolators

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Re: Galvanic Antenna Isolators

Post by ON5HB » Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:39 pm

But the Telenet website uses a longwire without counter, so it's normal to use extra grounding.
However with antenna's that hold their own counter like a dipole you do not need grounding, just a common-mode-choke is enough.

Like with a battery, if you don't connect both poles there will be no light :D

There are different ways to make a counter, it can be simply a mast or a fence, doesn't have to be a pin in the ground, as such you won't get a grounding-loop to handle.

I use my fence against my 160m Inverted-L and it works fine, but it's not grounded, just chocked.

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