Receive and decode Meteor M2 with SDRplay.

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Receive and decode Meteor M2 with SDRplay.

Post by Lolo_sdr » Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:10 pm

Sorry for my English.

These videos explain how to receive and decode the pass of the Meteor M2 weather satellite with an SDRplay receiver, "Yes, with an SDRplay you can also decode the Meteor M2" I have used the SDRplay RSP2 pro, we first recorded the pass with the SDR Console, to later decode it with the SDRSharp program and its "Meteor Demodulator" plugin, we will use the SDR Console program for the recording, the necessary configuration in the SDR Console is explained, a 120 KHz filter should be created, the width band should be set to 500 KHz, since the pass lasts about 10-15 minutes, and with a greater bandwidth the resulting file would be very large, and the maximum is 2 GB, this WAV file will be reproduced later with the SDRSharp program, is explained in the second video of this series of 2.
Subtitles in English, French and Italian, I've done what I could.

In the second video we will work with the recording of the SDR Console in the SDRSharp, it does not need the old version that was compatible with the SDRplay, the recording works with any version of the SDRSharp, for this work we must have installed in the SDRSharp the plugin "Meteor Demodulator" "and the" FilePlayer ", for the decoding of the image I have used the M2_LRPT_Decoder of AMIGOS, but you can use if you want the MeteorGIS.
One trick that I use with the recordings, is to choose a recording area with a good signal, once it blocks the Meteor phase I place the cursor at the beginning of the recording where the signal is weakest, and that before it did not block, from this way I get something more from the photo than in the live reception, when you see the video you will understand it, once the acquisition of the image is finished we rectify it with the Smooth Meteor program.
This second video has no subtitles, because I think it is well understood without them.

Video 1 Receive and decode Meteor Satellite M2 with SDRplay:

Video 2 Receive and decode Meteor Satellite M2 with SDRplay:

SDR Console: ... EDownloads
Plugins for the SDRShap:
Smooth Meteor:
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