Final statement regarding stolen devices

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Final statement regarding stolen devices

Post by jon » Thu May 17, 2018 4:49 pm

Dear SDRplay users

There are a couple of points that we wish to clarify further. Our SDRuno software has always had to be able to read the serial number of devices so that it can identify the device type and thus be configured in the appropriate way. This has never been hidden from anyone (you can read the serial number via the options panel). Furthermore:

1. We do NOT track devices once they have left an authorised seller.
2. The devices do not "call home" to be authorised to operate. Anyone without an internet connection will attest to this.
3. Future versions of SDRuno will contain a blacklist of serial numbers of devices that we know (via our sellers) have been stolen.
4. Innocent purchasers of these devices who contact us and assist us in providing information that may be helpful in tracking down the thieves will have their devices white-listed.

This is the last statement that we will make on this matter.

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