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API 2.13 Released

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:36 pm
by sdrplay
We have released an update to the 2.x API - 2.13. This update adds single tuner mode functionality for the RSPduo. In this mode, the RSPduo can operate in a similar way to the RSP2/RSP2pro.

Full dual tuner support including master/slave mode is in the API 3.0 that has been released.

NOTE: This version of the API is NOT backwards compatible with previous versions, so DO NOT install it if you are not a developer or do not know if the application that is using it has been updated to support it.

The SoapySDRPlay source code on the master branch on github HAS been updated to support this version of the API.

Any questions or issues with the APIs and their documentation can be sent to