SDRuno - WFM, VFO settings and firmware updates

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SDRuno - WFM, VFO settings and firmware updates

Post by StandingWave » Tue Feb 19, 2019 3:08 pm

I am using SDRuno with my RSP2 as its the only program I have working at the moment. When I tune into the FM broadcast band (for which there does not seem to be a selector button, so I just type in the frequency) on an FM broadcast station such as Classical FM on 100.100.000 , I can't seem to be able to select WFM, only NFM or MFM. Consequently the audio sounds horrible! Sometimes after playing with the VFO settings, I can suddenly select WFM, but I don't know what I have done to make the selection become available. Other times I can just not select it. I have made sure that the receiver is set to FM.

I also notice that several of the VFO settings are not saved when one switches between VFO 1 and VFO 2 and one has to re-set them (e.g. filter bandwidth or mode etc) again? For example, if I set VFO 1 to 1.431.000 on AM with an 8k filter and VFO 2 to FM 100.100.000 and MFM, 40k filter, when I swap between the two, the filter bandwidths stay the same and the mode does not change from AM to FM and vice versa.

BTW, does the RSP2 have firmware updates? How can I check whether mine has the latest firmware?

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Re: SDRuno - WFM, VFO settings and firmware updates

Post by Mike2459 » Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:19 pm

Thanks, I tried to reproduce the issue of not being able to select WFM or SFM. The only way that SDRUno would prevent me was when I had decimation set to a value greater than 8 - this was in LO-IF mode. Try it with a lower decimation value. I think this is related to bandwidth - the receiver bandwidth must be greater than the demodulator bandwidth.

Your right VFO settings aren't saved.

I don't think these SDR's have firmware that is updatable. I guess that would make it foreverware.

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Re: SDRuno - WFM, VFO settings and firmware updates

Post by ON5HB » Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:22 pm

Select SWFM = Stereo Wide FM.

Also, there is no firmware in the boxes as everything happens in software.
There is no hardware that can be programmed :lol:

Everything depends on driver/software combinations.

In fact, you could see the API/EXT-IO as the firmware, as those define what it can and can't do.
But do not update them unless needed else it may stop working with your software.

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