virtual audio routing

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virtual audio routing

Postby ToryGlenn » Thu May 02, 2019 3:44 pm

Hello, all,

I am wondering if anyone here knows anything about virtual audio routing either in Mac or Windows. I am trying to re-create the settings I had two months ago that allowed me to route the audio output from CubicSDR into WSJT-X (for WSPR reporting). I had it working back in February by creating aggregate devices within my iMac's 'Audio MIDI setup' utility that allowed something like virtual audio. It worked fine, and all was good until I installed an OS update that seems to have either deleted the settings, or pushed them back to 'default', and now I cannot get any of my previous setting to work the way they did.

Does anyone here know anything about 'aggregate' devices in Mac? Or something similar in Windows?

I'd prefer not to have to buy any of those virtual audio programs that are available (some of them are too expensive), and I'd prefer to get this problem fixed with a minimum amount of expense.

Thanks in advance.

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