Running SDRPlay and 2 programs at the same time

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Running SDRPlay and 2 programs at the same time

Post by johnhlong » Mon May 27, 2019 4:01 am

I have a need to run 2 dissimilar programs using the SDRPlay at the same time.

I think I can do it if I have 2 SDRPlay(s) hooked up to the same computer.
The 2 programs are SDRUno & a ham radio program called N1MM.

Is it possible to run two programs at the same time if I only use 1 SDRDUO ?

N1MM uses the EXTIO interface driver
SDRPlay talks directly to the SDR.

It tried it using 1 SDRPlay and it did not work. When I started the second program it couldnn't find and available SDRs.


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Re: Running SDRPlay and 2 programs at the same time

Post by StandingWave » Mon May 27, 2019 8:50 pm

Unlikely. Once a program connects to the device USB port, that port is now busy and not available to another program. Thats why the second program does not find an available SDR. It is already in use by the first one.

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Re: Running SDRPlay and 2 programs at the same time

Post by sdrplay » Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:45 am

You can with the RSPduo - one of the benefits of the RSPduo and the service based API, is that it can either operate in single receiver mode where you can visualise up to 10 MHz of bandwidth, or as 2 independent receivers with 2 MHz of bandwidth each.

The service based API handles requests from different applications and can make the RSPduo look like 2 different devices. The applications and/or the libraries that access the RSPduo need to be aware of this functionality to take advantage of it, but you can easily run 2 instances of SDRuno with 1 RSPduo or 1 instance of SDRuno and 1 instance of dump1090 (ADS-B) for example.

The API 3.x that supports this functionality is fully supported on Windows and is out as a beta release on Linux. Other platform support will follow. There is a version of SoapySDR, that supports this on Linux, that you can find on this forum as well.

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