possible RSPduo driver problem

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possible RSPduo driver problem

Post by SDRnerd » Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:27 am

RSP team,

Seems the RSPduo could have a driver problem.

Frequently I have to reconnect the USB cable to get the second receiver working. This happens in SDRuno and SDRconsole V3.0.10. I also checked three pc's wich all react in the same way. Also I heard a disconnect and reconnect sound comming from these W10pro/64 machines, but it happens so fast (five seconds) that I could not check wich device is in play. Maybe this could be related to the RSP.

All machines tested are on W10pro/64 but have different CPU's and memory from 4 to 16 Gb.

This is also noted by several other users.

Feel free to ask when you want more details.

Best 73'
Ron - on2ron

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Re: possible RSPduo driver problem

Post by sdrplay » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:26 pm

Please note that SDR-Console uses API 2.13 and this only supports single tuner mode.

SDRuno supports API 3.x so therefore can support master/slave mode as well as single tuner mode.

If you see the same problem with SDRuno, then I would raise a support ticket (www.sdrplay.com/support)

SDRplay Support

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