ANT A / ANT B : not working anymore

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ANT A / ANT B : not working anymore

Post by i2brt » Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:35 pm

HI !
I have a problem.

I have an RSP2 receiver from a while.
Today I discovered that switching form ANT-A to ANT-B doesn't work anymore (it was working in the past, i had 2 antennas connected).
Now, with just one antenna connected to ANT-A input, the signal remain exactly the same when I switch from ANT-A to ANT-B.
To further investigate the issue, I've try to connect the antenna to the input ANT-B.
Nothing change. Switching from ANT-A to ANT-B doesn't change anything.
I always see the same signals if the antenna is connected to ANT-A or ANT- regardless of ANT-A / ANT-B software selection.
Seems that for some reason, Antenna input A or Antenna input B are feeding the same frontend, let me say … "a sort of antenna parallel input…"
However, signals are still goods (mean : I'm able to receive weak signals on HF and receive VHF stations).
The only difference I see is when from SdrUno I change to ANT-A or ANT-B to HI-Z : in that case the signal went away (I have no antenna connected tio high impedence antenna connector).

What could be happened ?
Many thanks for any possible comment.

Kind regards
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Re: ANT A / ANT B : not working anymore

Post by sdrom33 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:59 pm

There is a known bug in SDRuno relating to input switching. Try de-installing SDRuno completely, then reboot the PC and then re-install. The problem will probably go away.

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