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SDR Related road map - comments

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:21 pm
by DaveB
Could the SDRPlay team see their way to add the following functionality to the RDS features. Maybe add to the road map in time for the 2020 Es season.

1. A logfile of date+time, frequency, PI code, PS - at minimum. This would give fully unattended monitoring for FM-DXing using the scanner. The file name would be in following form e.g SDRUNo_RDSLog 2019-07-29. Entries would be appended when a pi code is received.

2. A 'simple' change to the reset of the RDS - automatic reset on a change of frequency. Currently when DX ing you have to manually reset to avoid confusing a pi code from a previous frequency.

BTW the RSP I purchased at the end of Dec 2014 is still working fine.