antenna switch?

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antenna switch?

Post by n9mfk » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:28 pm

Hi All,
I am doing a receive only setup with a rsp duo
I have a vhf/uhf and a hf antenna so i have been look at antenna switches I known rsp max is 2ghz
my question if the switch is only for 1.3ghz what do i loose if I tune to a frequency above 1.3ghz
thanks for any info Beau

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Re: antenna switch?

Post by VE2VAE » Sat Jul 27, 2019 6:02 pm

Hi n9mfk.

In a receive only setup, the switch you are mentioning will just allow you to switch manually from one receiving antenna to the other, right ?

OK. In this case, the frequency limit that manufacturer gives for their product (in this case, 1.3 ghz), is the limit where the switch is design to work... meaning that up to where it can SELECT or ISOLATE one antenna from the other one.
Above that limit, the switch is becoming less and less capable of selecting / isolating one port from the other one, meaning that such signal would be present on both ports, whatever the position where the switch selector is.

So the switch you are considering, will allow you to switch between (A) your HF antenna or (B) your vhf/uhf antenna.

And you will be able to tune your SDR receiver higher than 1.3 ghz if you want. The switch will let those signal pass thru, no problem.

Chris, VE2VAE
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