Problem in ReadPacket()

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Problem in ReadPacket()

Post by IW2DHW » Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:27 pm

In CubicSDR and in gr-osmosdr I get some random holes in packet receiving, producing some seconds of silence in audio play.
Using gr-osmosdr with Gnuradio I get this message:
[CRITICAL] ds_mir_sdr_ReadPacket() error: 1 (a SoapySDRPlay message)

No problem using gr-osmosdr with device sdrplay directly, both with Gqrx and Gnuradio

SDRPlay API is 1.97
Soapy from github, self compiled
System is Ubuntu 16.04/64 bit up to date

This issue is sent also in SoapySDRPlay github Isuues

Franco Spinelli

Reason: No reason

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