New API 2.07 install issues with SDR Console V3

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New API 2.07 install issues with SDR Console V3

Post by sdrbob » Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:11 pm

Any help would be appreciated.

Running Console 3 Build 570 64 bit. Using SDR Play API v1.97. All is good with the 570 build and 1.97 API.

When I copy the new SDR Play v2.07 API into the x64 SDR Console (v3) directory I can only find the v1.97 API when searching the radio definitions.
If I rename the 64bit v.207 API to mir_sdr_api_1.97.dll, and search the radio definitions, I now see the v2.07 API and everything works.

I understand the v2.07 is for developers and should support both RSPv1 and RSPv2 H/W. I am awaiting the arrival of the RSPv2 H/W and was attempting to get the v2.07 API to work with my current RSPv1 H/W.

Thoughts anybody on strange install behaviors with the RSPv1 and the v2.07 64bit API?

What is the recommended install procedure for the API 2.07 for SDR Console v3 64bit?
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