Does SDRuno support IPC?

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Does SDRuno support IPC?

Post by vk7jj » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:47 pm

Disorganised thinking out loud...

I'm an experienced node.js backend and web frontend programmer.

Instead of my current node.js running on a Raspberry Pi communicating via serial (and audio streams) with SDRuno to provide a Pi hosted web interface to SDRuno for scanning and remote audio using UDP and web sockets, I would *love* to be able to directly communicate between node.js and SDRuno on a) the same machine b) remotely.

node-ipc appears to have the requisite Windows ipc ability: ... pc-sockets

Does SDRuno provide any IPC support? If so is there any documentation?

Despite being generally Win/Linux/Mac proficient I have zero coding experience on Windows and do not want to go there, there are so many other more exciting sand pits to play in. :-)

However, with the right ipc capabilities in SDRuno (Windows sockets? UDP? Pipes?) then maybe SDRplay could start a cottage industry with home coders spawning new web interfaces to SDRuno. Specifically:

Because web browsers support full text/binary file reading and writing to the host pc via Javascript as well as really high speed websocket communications between server and client and between clients, it's pretty easy to code really beautiful and useful web pages that would provide SDRuno with lots of personalisable extra functionality that worked locally on the same machine in a browser or on the LAN or remotely, providing things like

- complex real-time full duplex frequency control
- sophisticated interfaces for user memory / file handling
- potentially audio streaming, although that's still lacking decent browser support
- scanning facilities
- time and calendar based control of SDRuno with the ability to turn audio recording on and off
- sophisticatd logging and statistical analysis
- tracking satellites, sweeping

etc etc.

As a simple example I came across a bunch of local services frequencies in the state where I live and instead of the chore of copying them into SDRuno's memory banks and then not being able to do much except click on one of them from time to time in the forlorn hope it might be active, I built a node based web server that provided a google maps interface to all the services.

Here it is without it's main feature which is stripped from this version, I built it for myself and my mates but it makes the point I think:

The main feature is serial control of SDRuno, the node app hosting the site sits on a Raspberry Pi connected via it's serial port to the Windows machine running SDRuno, so that a simple click on any frequency tunes Uno. It also has scanning facilities.

I would love it if it were possible to do it via IPC instead!!

That way node could run alongside SDRuno on the host machine or run on anything on the LAN like a Pi which has the hardware ability to control *anything* ... other extra radios and antenna switches and antenna tuners ... anything one's heart desires ... and talk to SDRuno in full duplex real time.


Phil VK7JJ

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