HDSDR times two

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HDSDR times two

Post by Radiosammler » Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:36 pm

Hi Everyone.

So far I have only been a silent reader.
Now I could test something successfully and would like to share this.

The idea was to use a RSP2 as a pan adapter while synchronizing the frequency with an Alinco DX-R8.
Both receivers are connected via an antenna splitter to the same antenna.

The solution has found colleague "Wellenheinrich" in dx-unlimited.eu:

For both receivers the program HDSDR is installed.
In addition, a virtual serial connection to the two HDSDRs will be established. For this the tool "com0com" is installed.

In the first instance of HDSDR select the option "CAT to HDSDR", select a virtual port and click on "activated".

In the second instance of HDSDR, select the option "CAT to Radio (Omni Rig)"
In "Omni-Rig Setup" now the second virtual port should be selected.
In "Rig type" a compatible receiver must be selected. The best solution so far is the "TS-480".
For other entries, such as "Kenwood", there are delays or interruptions in the synchronization.

In operation, you can set the frequency of both instances. The operating mode is also adopted (AM, FM, LSB, USB).

I also used a FIFI-SDR. Therefore, it should work with other devices as well.

73, Bernd
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