Shiny New SDRPlay from HRO

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Shiny New SDRPlay from HRO

Post by kc2rgw » Tue Sep 29, 2015 3:51 pm

Just got my SDRPlay from HRO a few days ago.

I came from LP-PAN + soundcard, graduated to the QS1R a few years back which I used with a Dow-Key relay for TX/RX with an HF rig as transmitter.

I wanted to play on the upper frequencies and play with a broader array of software options so I started exploring what was going on in the RTL'sh world. I found the AirSpy and the SDRPlay RSP and I liked the idea of the built in filter banks in the RSP so I pulled the trigger.

The performance is a lot better than anticipated as I'm now restricted to an apartment with indoor antennas only. I've been using a telescoping Maldol whip directly attached, which is far from optimal but it is working unexpectedly well for stronger signal monitoring.

Lessons learned:

Windows 10 is doing funny things with regard to 'unsigned driver' issues. One system is totally fine, another I've had to disable the checks with bcedit to resolve the problems. I don't actually think it's an issue with the driver as it was working fine and suddenly post-Win10 updates, it broke on one of the systems only.

A quality USB cable is really key. I picked up a short and a long cable, both shielded/heavy with ferrites on each end and it drastically cleaned up the signals and improved reception. Using a 20' cable and placing the RSP as far from my pile of noise makers on my desk helped quite a lot.

It's a lot trickier trying to calibrate when one doesn't have long wires and a strong WWV signal as a frequency reference or a signal generator. I may need to source a reference as this terribly screws up UHF 6.25kHz scanning accuracy.

Feature Request:
Please please please change PPM to PPB for much finer grained adjustment, PPM is too coarse accepting whole numbers only.

Bang for the buck on this unit is outstanding.
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Re: Shiny New SDRPlay from HRO

Post by CaptainNemo » Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:47 pm

You can input up to 2 decimal in the "frequency trim".
I learned this in an other part of this forum.
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