SDRplay announces its Educators Programme

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SDRplay announces its Educators Programme

Post by jon » Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:23 pm

SDRplay is pleased to announce the launch of an educators programme for schools, high schools (K12 in USA/Canada), colleges, universities and trade schools. We’re starting off by offering discounted SDR radios for education-related projects, but also plan to showcase SDRplay-based projects of interest to other educational and research establishments. This will take the form of an additional “educators” category in our applications and support catalogue:

There are many areas where use of a rugged and full featured SDR receiver can be applied to your educational activity – here are just a few examples:

For (High) Schools:
The RSP1A is a perfect introduction to the radio spectrum. Unlike a cheap dongle, it will reliably allow all frequencies from 1kHz to 2GHz to be explored.
Set up a basic wire antenna and explore:
Broadcast stations
Weather Satellite images
Listen to the International Space Station
Aircraft transponder data
Air Traffic Control
Tracking Ships
Radio Astronomy projects
Learn how GPS works
Local services communications
Amateur Radio
Antenna properties
Using the downloadable SD Card Image, transform a Raspberry Pi into a radio communications receiver hub
Develop programming skills to control the radio (tuning)
Learn about Digital signal processing (GNU Radio)

For University Teaching and Research Projects:
Wired and Wireless Digital Signal Processing
Radio Astronomy
Receiver architecture design
Use for making and datalogging accurate RF measurements in the lab and in the field
Capture and process remote wireless sensor data
Environmental measurement projects
RF propagation experiments
Spectrum analysis
Field work
Remote signal monitoring
Diversity and signal enhancing experiments using the coherent dual channel RSPduo
Radio Direction finding projects
SDR radio architecture exploration using GNU Radio Companion and GNU radio RSP source blocks
Innovative AI- based signal selection and capture using SDRplay’s well documented API

To find out more and to register your interest, go to

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