Raspberry Pi4B SoapyRemote stress test

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Raspberry Pi4B SoapyRemote stress test

Post by SDRnerd » Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:39 am

I have tested how the Raspberry Pi4B under a SoapyRemote connection. My Pi4B has 2 Gb memory and has a 20x20mm heatsink on the cpy with a silent Noctua 40x10_5v fan mounted right on top (2mm) of it.

SoapyRemote 0.5.2 was running on the Pi and CubicSDR v0.2.5was running remotely on a Intel Nuc 8i5BEH mini pc for the test. I could easily run the full 10 Mhz sample rate of e RSP1A without interruptions or stuttering. The setup was hardwired and no Wifi was used in the test. After 16 hours of hard labour the Pi was measured an average cpu temperature of 42°C and the ambient temperature was 21.5°C. The LAN speed was 335Mbps on average.

The Raspberry Pi foundation has made good progress. I will see how it weighs up to the Asus Tinkerboard in a few days time.

Running @ 1 Mhz sample rate wich I normally do, the LAN speed is 34 Mbps and the cpu temperature of the Pi hoovers around 40°C and @ idle the Pi measures 36°C.

So in all good news for some of you that want to by the RSPi4B and still have some doubts about the ability to run a good server :)

73' Ron

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