Omnirig and Ports.....the mystery "server"

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Omnirig and Ports.....the mystery "server"

Post by JayKay » Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:12 pm


I can not get my TS590SG to work both ways....though the manual (V1.23) boasts about OMNIRIG, Support Centre tells me they don't support 3rd party programs...OK...but the manual has 4 pages of stuff on the OMNIRIG and one wold assume someone knows something about the the way to go about this..oh well....

I must have tried 50 times in last 2 days to get this stuff to work both ways.....

So here are the basics and I would hope someone would jump in and help out.

(A) TS590SG is hard wired to a 232 port, COM2

(B) I have Uno avaialble, VSPE 64 bit/licensed, and DX Lab ready to assign the CAT port.

(C) DXlab runs just fine from COM2.

(D) Menu 69 in TS590 is set for USB

Since the Support Centre has declared the community needs to help out...HELP HELP

Need the info (1) thru (5) below

1) VSPE setup (split, pair..whatever makes it work)
2) Uno Setup (Main SETT>ORIG) and RX >SETT> CAT
3) I can handle the DX LAB side as one side is tied to the 232 over the TS590 and just need to assign the secondary CAT port
4 )RSYNCH! ready to activate (again)
5) OMNIRIG com callout (590 is in drop list)

The RSP1A pretty useless IMHO if it can't go back and forth (for hams)...RSP1A quite good for SWLs as thats quite straight forward

Tnx in advance
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Re: Omnirig and Ports.....the mystery "server"

Post by Roger » Thu Jan 24, 2019 1:11 am

Virtual Com port splitters like VSPE can be bad news with some transceivers. The transceiver can get confused when two programs are trying to communicat at the same time.

Here is a suggestion that should work for you. Get SDRuno and the 590SG working perfectly with each other. This is quite easy to do with the setup described in the User Manual and several YouTube videos. Once you have this working you can get DX Lab to communicate with SDRuno via the CAT interface (NOT OmniRig). The SDRuno CAT interface uses a subset of the Kenwood protocol to communicate with 3rd party devices. This is where you need COM ports. I suggest you use COM ports with numbers less than 10 because some versions of Windows or Windows apps don't like COM's 10 or greater. Connect one COM port pair (say COM8:) to The SDRuno CAT using the SETTings CAT tab in the VRX you want to do the control. Then use the other end (COM 9:) in DX Labs and tell it that the radio is a Kenwood TS140, TS440 or TS480 (whichever works the best). Once you have done this everything will be using SDRuno as a trafffic hub.

***Important*** You can switch bands from SDRuno and the radio and DX labs will track follow. You can change frequency inside a band from the 590SG and SDRuno will track but you CANNOT change bands from the radio or DX Labs unless you unlock the LO in SDRuno first. failing to do this will lose synchronization and tracking. The LO will always go back to locked whenever you use the keypad in SDruno to change bands..

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