RSP1A and SDRuno

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RSP1A and SDRuno

Post by Keithmtx » Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:31 pm

Once, I decided to get my feet wet again in ham HF bands with SDR, I did my research and selected the RSP1A and SDRUNO. As a Mac person (I am Apple badged) I did not like the confusion I read about with those trying to get the products to work in that environment, so I purchased a Intel i7 NUC box on eBay for $350 and connected it to my HD tv for a display. The out of the box time to install and have SDRUNo working was less that 15 minutes, easy peasy!

All the demos that showed connecting a short wire in the house to test just were not giving me success. Ether I was trying when all the bands were dead or or my house noise floor was to high! I purchased the small 9 to 1 balun with a SMA jack and 100' of wire. I ran that outside and around the yard. I connected the ground side of the balun to a metal stake in the ground and bang 40 meters sprang to life! Working on getting a more permanent wire strung in the attack next week. But in short, am pleased with the products and the results of very little effort to start playing. Somehow I feel all this is leading to the purchase of a Flex transceiver, so this is going to cost...
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