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How to record and playback in SDR

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:50 pm
by 1000sdrs
The way I record and playback follows this process
1. I right click on the RECORDING PANEL and select a destination for the recorded file. I then RECORDby pressing *.
2. The WAV file is saved automatically and named by time and frequency. The file is large because it records the full bandwidth that you set ex. 2 Mhz with 2 decimations.
3. To cease recording I click STOP, and now I want PLAYBACK, so I need to change the INPUT.
4. The INPUT is changed by selecting OPT in the MAIN PANEL. Change the INPUT to WAV The playback functions will now become active when you reopen the RECORDING PANEL.
5. Once you're done with PLAYBACK, you need to reset the OPT then INPUT back to SDR PLAY RSP
6. There are other methods of recording only Audio. One method is using software called Audacity. This method takes audio from your mixer and redirects to the recording software. This method does not allow you to go back in time to see and hear the full spectrum of RF signals.

Re: SDRUno recording settings?

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:17 pm
by k9jm!
This is great... why isn't in the manual?

Re: SDRUno recording settings?

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:26 am
by natiya
octave9 wrote:I had some fun with recording last night. You can start a recording by simply pressing * on the keyboard (when Uno has the focus). There's no indication that recording has started (unless I missed it), but you'll be getting large files in your 'My Documents' folder, unless you've changed where they are to go.

You can change where they go by right clicking in the Record panel and you play them in the software with 'Select Input' - 'WAV File' (which opens a file browser) from the 'Opt' dialog on the 'Main' window.

Files get big quickly if you're using 10Mb sample rate.
how do you stop recording? Because I press the * again, but I think it's still recording because when I go to the .wav file, I can't open it or delete it till I press STOP in the main panel. Thank you!