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SDRuno WispDDE Orbitron

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:30 am
by vk2byf
Hi, I'm trying to get Orbitron to correct SDRuno receive frequency for Doppler shift.
RX CONTROL > SETT > CAT > is set like this, COM14 Baud Rate 9600 RX MODE CTRL yes, ENABLE & CONNECT yes, STATUS:CONNECTED.
I have a virtual COM port pair COM13/COM14 set up.
Is this all I have to do at the SDRuno end?
Orbitron Driver WispDDE selected and sending Rotator information but not frequency info.
This must be a WispDDE configuration problem as I had this working with SDR#
If anyone has managed to get Orbitron to control the SDRuno frquency to correct for satellite Doppler shift. I'd like to hear from them please.
Regards Bob vk2byf

Re: SDRuno WispDDE Orbitron

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:34 am
by Mike2459
Often I must deselect the "Enable & Connect" checkbox in SDRUno, then reselect it. Only then will WinDDE talk to SDRUno even though SDRUno indicates a connection.
It will work until I shutdown the computer, then on restart the above procedure will get comms going. This is likely due to the freeware version of Virtual Comm Port - I must create a new VirtualCommPort on every restart.

Also check the Rotor/Radio Tab in Orbitron to make sure DDE is active - It should read "DDE conversation with driver is active", if not click the button to the right of the Driver window to start DDE. Also the Driver window should read 'WispDDE'- there are three other driver choices.

WIspDDE's Radio Settings Tab uses TS-2000 for the selected Rig in the Model Selection section. Also Port # and Baud Rate must match in WIspDDE's Radio Settings Tab and Uno's Rx Control Tab.

If you find something misconfigured you may have to click the 'Update Radio' button in WispDDE's main window after making corrections. Good luck!

Re: SDRuno WispDDE Orbitron

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:43 am
by vk2byf
I got it working
WispDDE with Orbitron works fine. Have been using it successfully with SDR# in the past.
Virtual port seems to be the main problem. Tried a different down load.
May have to spend some money.
Don't forget to tell Orbitron the base frequency of the satellite.
Set radio for TS-2000. Radio 1, the COM port and baud rate.
Wisp DDE client seems to loose Selected Radio quite frequently.