ENOB @ Different A/D Resolutions

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ENOB @ Different A/D Resolutions

Post by Mathew » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:33 pm

Does anyone know what the Mirics Chipset ENOB (Effective Number of Bits) is when sampling at other than 12-bit resolution? Apparently Mirics only specifies ENOB when operating when sampling at 12-bits (ENOB ~= 10.4bits), which is what they intended the A/D IC to be for DVB operation.

I guess another way of putting this is asking if anyone knows if either the chipset SINAD changes, or if the maximum attainable signal decreases?

If SINAD and MAS remains about the same, then we might be able to assume, for example, that ENOB for 14-bit sampling is ~12.4 bits (= 14bits - ~1.6bits), and at maximum bandwidth the ENOB is ~6.4 (= 8bits - ~1.6bits).

But that is a big "If" ...
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