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SDRPlay driver for SDRTouch

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:53 pm
by simpsons4texas
I know you don't have a full released version of the driver for the 3rd party app, SDRTouch, but here are a couple of comments that may be helpful in getting there. I have it installed on an in-dash Android 9 car stereo with a RSP1A. When I load SDRTouch, the driver loads automatically like it should but it has 2 prompts asking for permission every time I touch the 'on' button in SDRTouch. SDRTouch does not simply stay on when the Android goes to sleep mode and has to be turned 'on' every time. This does not happen when using an RTS-SDR, but your receiver is clearly superior! I guess the driver is shutting down rather than going to sleep mode. A bigger problem is the gain settings. They don't persist either and don't work properly. I have to slid the gain slider back and forth a few times like an old fashioned volume control to get the dust out. This seems to 'wake up' the gain and go from it's lowest setting to actually working.
I would be happy to provide logs or assist in any other way.