SDRplay RSP availability - latest news

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SDRplay RSP availability - latest news

Post by jon » Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:45 pm

Apologies to those of you who have been waiting for the availability of RSP1As . Since launching it in November, we have been overwhelmed with orders and we, together with our 4 channel partners and their resellers recently ran out of stock. Our manufacturing subcontractor has been busy and we are now getting more units which are being shipped out to our channel partners as quickly as possible – those who ordered stock should have stock by early next week at the latest. Those who pre-ordered directly from should get their transactions completed and units shipped by then as well.

We are encouraging our resellers to make sure they place orders either on us or one of our channel partners for January deliveries now, so if you are thinking of buying an RSP in early 2018, please tell your stockist so they can reserve stock via us for you.

Our channel partners are HAM Radio Outlet (USA Amateurs), SDR-Kits, ML&S (UK Amateurs) and RS Components. The full list of SDRplay resellers can be found here:

RSP2s and RSP2pros are also selling fast during this holiday season. It seems the world is waking up to SDR receivers!

We wish all our customers, old and new, a very Happy Christmas!

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