Beware fake SDRplay products

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Beware fake SDRplay products

Post by jon » Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:45 am

Please be careful when buying an SDRplay RSP, that you do so via a reputable dealer. Always check for tell-tale signs - for example - the product may not be the same as shown in the product descriptions on the SDRplay website:

For example, Alibaba have recently been selling this item which mixes and matches different SDR products. This is an example of a "fake" product: ... autifyAB=0

Our approved channel partners and resellers are listed here: - there may be other trustworthy outlets served by this list. Some trusted suppliers (and individuals selling their second hand units) use eBay which is great, but eBay has been know to host vendors of fake products. You can also buy direct from SDRplay here:

If in doubt, contact SDRplay at and we'd be happy to help you verify you choice of supplier.

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