Updated SDRuno Roadmap

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Updated SDRuno Roadmap

Post by sdrplay » Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:13 pm

We have updated the roadmap to provide more detail about the upcoming releases.

Provide backups of the ini file and a way to restore a specific backup ini file
Additional memory panel columns:
- RF Gain
- IF Gain/AGC enable
- Scanner Threshold
Scanner improvements including:
- A fix for the airband 8.33 frequency rounding error
- Separate (non-memory panel file) lockout file for range scans
- Collect statistics of frequencies in or added to the memory panel
- Use the new memory panel threshold for memory scans
Status bar for better feedback of issue to the user
Improved error handling and reporting
Bugs found in 1.32

Improved gain table support to take account of hardware notches
- Will result in improved mil-airband scanner performance
Increase number of zoom levels in SP2 display for close in signal identification
Save VFO in each VRX
Start-up tips
Improved log support – capture commands, results and errors
Bug fixes

Plugin support (via documented API)
Remote client support
VFO IQ and audio recording
Automatic LO system (user just sets VFO)

Cross platform support (Windows, Linux/x86, MacOS)
Hamlib support for non-Windows platforms
GUI update – ability to lock windows together

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