gr-osmsdr device driver for SDRplay API 3.01

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gr-osmsdr device driver for SDRplay API 3.01

Post by fventuri » Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:35 am

I just pushed to the 'sdrplay3' branch of my gr-osmosdr repo a version of the GNU Radio block 'gr-osmosdr' that includes a device driver for RSP devices using the new SDRplay API version 3.01 and should (in theory) support the dual-tuner mode available on the RSPduo model.

This 'sdrplay3' branch is available here:

More information on the GNU Radio gr-osmosdr block is here:
The new SSDRplay API version 3.01 was introduced here:
This branch is a fork of Jeff Long's gr-osmosdr block that has the sdrplay device driver for the SDRplay API version 2.13 (

Instructions to build the block are in the README file.

I thought it would also be helpful to list the steps here (these steps assume that you already have installed the SDRplay API version 3.01):

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git clone
cd gr-osmosdr/
git checkout sdrplay3
mkdir build
cd build
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
To be able to use the 'sdrplay3' device driver in the gr-osmocom GNU Radio block you have to have the sdrplay_api service up and running.

I tested and ran this device driver with gqrx on Linux (Fedora 29, to be exact); the waterfall looks OK and I was able to demodulate a couple of stations at different sample rates - of course more testing needs to be done.

You should be able to run this driver side by side with the 'sdrplay' driver in the gr-osmocom block (it works for me and gqrx can see the same RSP device with both drivers, of course you want to use one or the other).

To use the different modes available in the RSPduo, the device string should have the RSPduo mode (and possibly the tuner to be used) - these are some examples:

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Finally I was only able to test it with my RSP2; since I don't have an RSPduo, I don't know for sure how/if it works in dual-tuner mode; I think the driver should have all the code needed to support two outputs as should be the case in dual-tuner mode, but I can't really run any tests for this case (or for the master/slave mode); I would definitely be very interested if anyone can give it a try using an RSPduo and try the different modes available there to see what happens.

Let me know if you have any problems building and running the 'sdrplay3' device driver for the GNU Radio gr-osmocom block.


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Re: gr-osmsdr device driver for SDRplay API 3.01

Post by jromang » Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:55 pm

Hello, and thanks foir your efforts !
Has the RSPduo dual-tuner mode been tested ?
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