SDRplay RSP2 - Remote - Skimmer Server

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SDRplay RSP2 - Remote - Skimmer Server

Post by sampford » Sun Aug 25, 2019 11:36 am

Hello all,
I'm at serious risk of embarrassing myself here by asking this noob question, but here goes ...

I want to run "CW Skimmer Server" or "RTTY Skimmer Server" on Win10, fed by an RSP2 which is located at a remote site, 100m+ from the Win10 PC at the main location.

With the RSP2 directly USB-connected to the PC, the servers work fine.

Then I setup two Rpi3's connected over WiFi, and the RSP2 USB-connected to the remote Rpi running SoapySDR Remote, and can "find" the RSP2 by using "SoapySDRUtil --find" on the local Rpi. (That was challenging enough for me ...)

The question is ... is it within my capabilities to have the Win10 PC with its server Skimsrv.exe and SDRPlayInf.dll connect to the local Rpi and then to the remote RP2 ?
...or ... do I need to install the local end of SoapySDR Remote on the PC, so that the server can find the RSP2 on its own platform, which is challenging ?
...or ... do I need to do something else ?

Thanks for any help
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