Diversity software next on updated SDRuno roadmap

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Diversity software next on updated SDRuno roadmap

Post by jon » Fri May 17, 2019 12:15 pm

The software release roadmap for SDRuno has been updated to include V1.32 in the near future as a special release of the diversity software for RSPduo owners.

SDRuno Roadmap

1.32: Diversity (RSPduo only)

1.4: Plugin support (via documented API)
Remote client support
VFO IQ and audio recording
Automatic LO system (user just sets VFO)
Better support for multiple VRX use (improved settings support)
Improved INI file support (backup/restore)
Improved service support (restart/recovery)

2.0: Cross platform support (Windows, Linux/x86, MacOS)

All versions will also include bug fixes and user feedback (where possible)

It is no possible to commit the exact dates of these releases but these are the priority for our software development team.

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