SDR Related road map - comments

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SDR Related road map - comments

Post by DaveB » Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:21 pm

Could the SDRPlay team see their way to add the following functionality to the RDS features. Maybe add to the road map in time for the 2020 Es season.

1. A logfile of date+time, frequency, PI code, PS - at minimum. This would give fully unattended monitoring for FM-DXing using the scanner. The file name would be in following form e.g SDRUNo_RDSLog 2019-07-29. Entries would be appended when a pi code is received.

2. A 'simple' change to the reset of the RDS - automatic reset on a change of frequency. Currently when DX ing you have to manually reset to avoid confusing a pi code from a previous frequency.

BTW the RSP I purchased at the end of Dec 2014 is still working fine.



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