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Why SDRplay?

SDR for Software Defined Radio and 'Play' because it's designed to allow anyone interested in receiving practically any kind of radio or TV signals to be able to do so without having to decide up-front exactly what it is they will want to do next. For computer wizards we are democratising Radio in that you can literally Play at creating completely new radio-based products.

Why is it called a RSP?

We needed a unique name and due to its ability to Process such a large chunk of Radio Spectrum we came up with the TLA 'RSP' standing for Radio Spectrum Processor.

I'm an old style Radio Ham and get confused with PC software. It's bound to be hard to get up and running, isn't it?

Why not download our our screen-by-screen installation guide for using it with HDSDR from here ? You end up with a communications receiver right on your PC screen with all the knobs and dials you are used to.

I'm a computer wizz but know nothing about radio and RF. I don't 'get' antennas and 'grounds' and 'earthing' for example. I'll be out of my depth, surely?

You can think of the RSP as a neatly packaged all purpose radio with well documented controls (our API) which allow you to programme what signals you want to access, when and how. It speaks your language! When it comes to antennas for the frequencies you're interested the web is full of very practical (non technical) help with what to use. Take a look here for some crude advice on getting started with antennas..

How much does the RSP Cost?

The RSP is priced at US$129 excluding sales taxes and shipping. It can be purchased from here

What do I get when I buy the RSP?

You get the RSP module for which all the supporting software is made available via our Downloads section. Please note we no longer ship a CD with the product.

Where can I see video clips showing the RSP in action?

See the links added in our Reviews section of the website. There are also other clips on our YouTube Channel

How do I get started?

It depends what you are trying to do. If you are a Radio Ham returning to the hobby after many years then you will probably want to follow the instructions for using it with the HDSDR software since this will get you up and running within minutes of opening up and plugging in your RSP. If you are a programmer working on a new application then you might start with the API evaluation tool.

What do I do if I have any problems with the RSP?

You can contact our Support email address and we will help you with your issue.

How does the AGC work?

Our digital AGC scheme can be understood by reading our technical note with you can find in the Downloads section. We are continually improving the plugins for popular SDR software to better integrate the full capabilities of the RSP.

How good is the narrow band FM SINAD performance?

Take a look at these measurements.

Why is there a gap between 380MHz and 430MHz?

There is no longer a gap with the latest release of the API. The API specification has been updated to explain how to use the new functions to support this. This is a software only change and all existing RSP customers can take advantage of it.

What do I get when I order an RSP?

The Radio Spectrum Processor unit, Instruction documentation and links to popular SDR software, Free access to Mirics FM/DAB and DVB-T Digital TV software via the SDRplay website. You will not get a USB cable, antenna leads or any adapters (see the purchasing terms and conditions for more information)

How do I run the Mirics TV software?

The TV software runs through Windows Media Center under Window XP through to Windows 7. It uses the Microsoft BDA interface to deliver a transport stream to the media player, so it will work with third party TV players conforming to the same standard (VLC for example). It should just be a case of running the installer and then opening WMC and setting up the TV signal with the RSP attached to your PC. Please note that the TV software is only DVB-T, so that means digital TV signals in UK/Europe only and not the US. Please also note that you will need a reasonably powerful PC. Mirics recommend a minimum of a 2 GHz Core2Duo, but we suggest a 2 GHz Core i3 or above of you want to do any multi-tasking. Using the RSP with WMC makes for a pretty nice PVR, whose recorded content can be streamed to other devices such as smart TVs if you like.