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Radio User ((September 2016) has an excellent review of using the SDRplay RSP with SDRuno software


Mike Richards says 'Given the excellent value of the RSP from SDRplay, the free availability of the SDRuno software makes this a compelling combination'

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VA2PV has started to review the RSP on his blog which he updates with new videos regularly - click on the banner below to keep up to date with Pascal


Here's what the Burlington Amateur Radio club thought

Click here for a new review from RT:LSDR4Everyone (May 2016) where Akos Czermann says:

"The SDRPlay is the only choice after an RTL dongle, anyone asks and I'll wholeheartedly recommend it."

Click here for eHam reviews (real radio Amateur users telling it how it is):

"Probably the best $150 I've spent in ham radio yet"........." a very impressive piece of kit".......  "Best investment I have made in radio in quite some time. Having a ball with this thing" and many more


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Click here for a review from NN4F:

Click here for a review from W3GAS including antenna tips:

 "...we have come to a point of SDR greatness, and the SDplay is what most of us dreamed of"

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See this RadCom article for a recent review of the RSP  (March 2016 edition) 

Click here to read this comparison with other SDRs from RTLSDR (February 2016)
"The RSP is the winner in terms being the cheapest all-in-one RX unit that is much better than an RTL-SDR. The RSP can tune to HF frequencies out of the box without an add on, has a higher top frequency of 2 GHz & doesn’t need a high end PC"

Click here to read this review (January 2016) from Ham Radio Science
and this is in the context of it ranking as being....
One of the Best SDR Radios for 2015 and 2016 so far!

The SDRplay is highly recommended in the 2015-2016 Shortwave Radio Buyers Guide - see

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Click here for the review which first appeared in The Spectrum Monitor

Why not take a test drive using SDR-Console? We have set up an RSP with an HF wire antenna in the UK which can be remotely accessed using SDR-Console. Follow the instructions on - the username is sdrplay and Password rsp.  Click here for a video guide. If our RSP is busy then look for others called SDRplay - there are quite a few on there with a range of antennas ranging from Long wires to Discones.

If you have a particular question and you are OK with using facebook (apologies to those of you who hate it!), then a very active SDRplay user group is on - simply post your question and you will undoubtedly get unbiased answers from a variety of folks


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